In November of 2015, a Kickstarter campaign raised $6500, which created space for the significant period of study necessary to produce the five series of writings planned as part of this project. Having stepped away from teaching to develop the project, I then continued to self-fund this work by driving for Uber, which gave me a great deal of flexibility to study, write, and engage in civil rights work. As of September 2017, after completing a long period of study, the project began a gradual transition away from being self-funded and towards being continuously crowd-funded through a Patreon campaign. The current goal is to get 1000 supporters donating $1 a month, in order to have a totally grassroots operation that many people feel connected to and invested in, without placing any financial stresses on any single individual. The ultimate goal is to bring in $4000 a month, at which point this would be a full-time operation generating a great deal of writings, video lectures, public discussions, and civil rights history trainings for teachers and civil rights workers. If you would like to contribute towards this goal, please visit the Patreon and spread the word!