Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Cross-Cultural Solidarity History Education Project is to help elevate our society’s understanding of the history of racial justice. The project lifts up dimensions of racial justice histories that have been marginalized, under-explored, or treated in a shallow fashion outside of academia. This includes, amongst many other subjects, a focus on historical acts of solidarity. But cross-cultural solidarity also refers to all of us understanding one another, valuing one another’s histories, and through that, being able to work together to build a better world. The resources here are designed to facilitate understanding and solidarity in our present moment. All of the readings represent the current state of historical research, written in a concise, accessible form that can be used in the high school and undergraduate classroom, in discussion groups amongst civil rights workers seeking to learn from the past, or by anyone seeking to deepen their knowledge.

Although the primary goal of this project is to create freely available, high-quality readings that can support all people everywhere, as the writer, I also have a series of more personal goals. I learn through the act of writing, and I see my learning as the foundation for a life of teaching, mentoring, and supporting teachers, civil rights workers, and communities in developing the understandings necessary to take their work to higher levels. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you feel that my work can support your work or your community.


Lynn Burnett