Lynn Burnett is a high school history teacher with an MA in history education, and is a historian of the struggle for racial justice in the twentieth century.  His teaching career began in the jails and juvenile justice systems of Arizona, and he has since taught in three major public high schools in East Oakland.

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After witnessing how stories of cross-cultural solidarity helped build strong classroom community and a spirit of cultural awareness and collaboration amongst diverse students, Lynn stepped away from teaching to create resources focused on cross-cultural solidarity.  At the Cross-Cultural Solidarity History Education Project, he develops resources about black/brown coalitions, black internationalism, and whiteness and white allies in U.S. history.  Lynn’s goal is to place the highest quality historical resources about these subjects into the hands of students, teachers, civil rights workers, and the general public. Through a combination of resource creation, lecturing and storytelling, and facilitating workshops and discussion groups, Lynn aims to help individuals and organizations gain a meaningful and useful understanding about the history of racial justice work, and especially of allyship and multiracial organizing.